Resolving Child Custody matters can range from fairly simple and friendly Parenting Agreements to lengthy and costly Contested Custody battles. There is no question that the money spent on legal fees would have been better spent on caring for your children so it is usually best for everyone to resolve the situation as fairly and affordably as possible. However, if the other parent is giving you no other option but to fight – we are prepared for that as well.

To help you resolve your case in the best way possible,
we offer three levels of service – often on a flat rate legal fee basis.

1) Parenting Agreement: This is where the parents who don’t necessarily need a formal court order, have come to a fair arrangement themselves or with our help / guidance and their agreement regarding custody, child support, visitation, etc. is put into a formal written contractual agreement. For most situations this can be done for a flat rate fee starting at $250.

2) Consent Custody Order: This is where the parents need a formal court order and a custody case has been filed with the Court but is resolved by agreement, generally without a formal hearing. The advantage here is that there is an actual Court Order of Custody versus a mere contract as with the Parenting Agreement and without the expense of a traditional contested custody case. For most situations, this can be done for a flat rate fee of $3000 plus cost (costs vary but are usually less than $500).

3) Contested Custody: This is where attempts to come to a fair compromise have failed and it is necessary to fight in Court often with a Judge making the final decision. This type of resolution is often, complex, lengthy and expensive. For most situations, this can be done for a flat rate fee of $6000 plus cost (costs vary but are usually less than $500).

To get started, call our office at (910) 333-9679 and schedule a consultation.
At the consultation, we will access your situation, answer your questions, lay out your options and advise how to best resolve your child custody case.

There is a $175 consultation fee. However, the consultation fee will be applied to your quoted fee if you decide to retain us to represent you.